Star Wars: Rebels

Star Wars: Rebels

The new Star Wars Animated Series has been revealed! It’s called Star Wars: Rebels which will take place between episodes III and IV. Production for this new animated series has now begun as the new Disney Empire moves forward with their first progress with the Star Wars franchise. In the article it also declares the reason for why The Clone Wars was canceled, many fans have been anxious against the cancellation. Disney hopes to make that up to the fans with this new series as they have a great team working on it.

The studios said in a news release: “‘Star Wars Rebels’ takes place in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.”

Finally we’ll hit the most requested timeline of the Star Wars Universe. Right now the details about the plot line are far from being revealed but be sure to check back as more information arises.

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