Florence Welch to Join Star Wars Cast?


The force is not the only thing that is a mystery in the Star Wars universe, who are they going to cast for the upcoming movies? Fans are getting impatient about the unveiling of how the new movies are going to turn out and casting is one of the biggest things they are concerned about, considering the prequels. JJ Abrams will not fail in his search for new iconic lead roles that could shape the next generation of this space opera. So far the rumors that we have about who are interested/being considered for roles are Chloe Grace Moretz, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Daniel Radcliffe and now Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: ‘We think Florence has the exact style we are looking for.

‘She has done some acting but it was her singing on stage that initially caught the eye.

‘Almost every actress in Hollywood wants a role in the new movies but we are keen to cast people who are unexpected.’

So casting is still as mysterious as the force but so far, I think the rumors are headed in the right direction.


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