Al Pacino Turned Down the Role of Han Solo?


So as most Star Wars fans know, Harrison Ford was not the first choice to play the role of the galactic smuggler Han Solo. At the time George Lucas didn’t want that many experienced actors so some were disqualified from the attempt. Other actors such as Al Pacino, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray, and Jack Nicholson were offered the part first. Al Pacino, who is  known mostly for playing roles in drug cartels or as gangsters, so Han Solo was not too far off from his area and possibly, if he had taken this role his career could have taken a different turn. In an interview, he explains why he didn’t take the role.

“I’m not a good judge of what’s good,” Pacino told TV presenter Emma Freud.

and in another Q&A he said

“It was mine for the taking but I didn’t understand the script,” Pacino confessed

It was destined for Harrison Ford to take the role, I mean, could anyone else really have brought the smuggler to life the way he did?

With how big the Star Wars Universe is becoming, I am sure many of the actors that turned down the roles are kicking themselves today.


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