The Clone Wars Bonus Material


In a recent Full of Sith podcast they meet with The Clone Wars composer Kevin Kiner. For those of us that are huge fans of The Clone Wars, we might get just a little more of the show. Earlier this year, right after the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the crew mentioned that we would be getting some webisodes to finish off the storyline. In the podcast, Kevin mentions that he is currently working on 10 more episodes of bonus material, or season 6. Here are his words:

“We have about ten shows that we’re still working on, that are going to be part of this special material. And even hopefully there is going to be a soundtrack record as part of this special material. We’ll see they’re in negotiations about that so we’re not positive that’s going to happen.”

Rumors indicate and from unseen clips that have been posted that the story arcs will take place with figuring out the mystery behind Sifo-Dyas. Other rumors talk about it taking place during or after Order 66. A Couple of story arcs that would be interesting to see.

So could it be online? Or will it be added to the DVD Release of season 5? Either way, this is exciting news to fans who were upset at the cancellation. So we might be seeing season 6 of The Clone Wars afterall, just not on Cartoon Network. Even an added bonus material of a soundtrack is a nice addition. Release dates are not yet given but we’ll keep you updated!

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