George Lucas Wins An Emmy for Star Wars: The Clone Wars


The Daytime Emmys were presented this last Sunday evening and George Lucas received an Emmy for his animated series. The award was presented by the actress Carrie Fisher.

In other news, George Lucas has confirmed that he will not be working on Episode VII and that he will leave it up to Abrams and the crew at Lucasfilm to handle it while he takes off and works on other projects.

“Yeah. J.J.’s a great director and we’re friends. I think he understands the whole thing and how it works. If he doesn’t, Lucasfilm president Kathy Kennedy will keep it straight.”

“If they need help or anything, they’ll give me a call. Otherwise, I’m off on my own.”

He then concluded with a statement to JJ Abrams. “No matter how you do it, it’s a complicated cultural icon. Therefore you’re always going to be in trouble no matter what you do. So, the best thing you can do is just plow forward and try to do the best story you can,”

So Star Wars Episode VII is in it’s pre-preduction phases, although there has been a leak rumor about what the plot will be, JJ has not confirmed any details on what the story will be focused on.

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