Will Abrams Shoot the New ‘Star Wars’ Films Digitally?


So will the next Star Wars movie continue to go digital or will Abrams hold the tradition of shooting in film as he tackles the next trilogy? In the recent “Produced By” conference Abrams revealed that he doesn’t get the same effect shooting digitally as he does with shooting on film. In his previous movies such as Star Trek Into Darkness, he has never used a digital camera to shoot any of the movies. He wanted to give Star Trek: Into Darkness the same feel as the one made in 2009. So how will he handle Star Wars?

Abrams says, “I have not yet shot a movie digitally. Film is the thing I am most comfortable with. If film were to go away – and digital is challenging it – then the standard for the highest, best quality would go away.”

He continued saying that when using CGI effects, filming gives it a “warmer” look.

“Also, with all the CG, it was important to me that it was as warm and human and analogue as possible,” he said. “It may not be obvious to many of the people who saw it, but I think it is more important than people know.”

This news is surprising when considering that two of the three prequel films were shot digitally (ep2 and 3). George Lucas felt that shooting digitally was going to be the future of film-making. Furthermore, Disney has shot many of their current films digitally including “Thor: The Dark World” and “Iron Man 3″.

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