Update On The New ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series. New Show Will Follow A Group of Teenagers


‘Star Wars: Rebels’ is the animated series Disney is working on to release in Fall 2014 which will take us to the events between episodes III and IV. We have just heard recently from Bleeding Cool that this new series will follow a group of teenagers. We also know that we will be seeing old characters we already know as well as new characters. Fear not! We are told that this show will feature no such ‘Jar-Jaresque’ type characters but “just a lot of youthful protagonists being teens at the same time as sci-fi heroes.”

So, what does this mean for Star Wars fans? Will there be a lot of buzz or fuss about this show being on the Disney Channel? Which just like the last animated series, was targeted towards the rising generation.  Based on the title, it sounds like it’s going to focus on the beginning of the rebellion, maybe a young Mon Mothma and her crew trying to establish themselves? Or a rebellious Luke style character trying to make a name for himself in the rebellion. Either way, I am not thinking that this will be about the hunt for the jedi but more about the rebels making their place in the galaxy.

What do you guys think?

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