Star Wars Producers Blacklists Twilight Cast.


There have been a lot of rumors about who they will be casting for the new movies, including the original cast which is assumed to reprise their roles. Many actors have been talking about wanting to be apart of the new movies. Although we don’t know who will be joining the team, we know who won’t be appearing in the new trilogy as Kristen Stuart and Robert Pattinson have been blacklisted in the Star Wars franchise. After seeing the new cast breakdown and what JJ is looking for, it is no doubt that these two were interested in trying to fill in the parts, but according to the producers of the films won’t consider them, the reason being, they don’t want to deal with their “hysterical” fans.

“There is no chance that Kristen Stewart or Rob Pattinson will be offered a role for any of the films, they won’t even be sent the script,” the source stated.

“They aren’t thinking of Star Wars themselves right now, but if it was offered to them, they would 100% talk to executives, JJ and Disney. It would be foolish for them not to take that call.”

Me personally, I am hoping that they don’t go with any big name actors either, and start fresh like they did with the original trilogy. So casting is still underway. Who would you like to see in the new films? What actors should be blacklisted?

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