‘Star Wars’ Fan-Made Short Film Airs on TV

A few months back Lucasfilm and Pringles asked fans to create a short film based on ‘Star Wars’, using Pringles as the center of the film. Recently Yahoo News posted this hilarious video created purely by ‘Star Wars’ fans that was chosen to be used as the Pringles commercial.

“We looked for creativity that was rooted in a deep appreciation of the ‘Star Wars’ movies and the characters—references and details that could only come from a fan, and that could best be appreciated by other fans,” Lucasfilm’s Global Integrated Promotions Manager Kelli Martin said to Yahoo News.

It is funny to think that of all things how could fans mesh Pringles with ‘Star Wars’? Well, they pulled it off! Lucasfilm selected this film out of many other fan-made films. Check out the video below and see what you think!

The winning video is called “Jim vs. Vader”

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