Ray Park Wants To Return As Darth Maul


So one of the only good things that happened in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was the introduction of the menace, Darth Maul. With little screen time, he was able to make it like Boba Fett, as one of the favorite characters to hit the Star Wars universe, only to be cut in half by the padawan Obi Wan Kenobi and dropped down a hole, to never return. For those of us that follow Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we see the epic return of Darth Maul, as many feared, bringing him back could be a mistake but it was a great addition to the show. Fueled by the power of the dark side and his hate for Obi Wan Kenobi, his goal was to hunt him down, along with his brother. But with the conclusion of the Cartoon Network series, a lot of questions were unanswered.

So what if Darth Maul were to make another comeback?


Ray Park, the actor who played Darth Maul was recently interviewed by MTV Geek and he’s aching to return to the role as the menace in the new trilogy, or since there are rumors of a standalone Obi Wan film, to return there.

And should J.J. Abrams wish to bring him back for another live-action episode?

“Just give me food and water, and I’m there,” he said.

And he wants to return “with something a little bit spicy,” such as two double-bladed lightsabers to bring a meaner, badder Maul. Park hasn’t been approached by anyone about the new movies, but said he’d like to go shirtless and show off more of the character’s Nightbrother clan tattoos.

Park said he not only loves Maul but valued being a part of the Star Wars universe. So much, in fact, that when he first saw Maul in the trailer for “The Phantom Menace” back in the late ’90s – on a lousy dial-up Internet connection, no less – he said he teared up, which he then quickly wiped away before anyone saw him.

He has not been asked to return for now, but what are thoughts to Darth Maul returning to face off against Obi Wan Kenobi?


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