Star Wars Episode 7 Update: Carrie Fisher Has Ideas For The New Movie


The Latin Post revealed that Carrie Fisher has some great ideas to share for the upcoming Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. Recently at the Sydney Supernova pop culture expo, Carrie shared some ideas for her character Leia Organa saying:

“Han Solo and I have been unhappily married for many years. And so we speak through the wookiees and use a translator.”

Furthermore she stated that they would communicate to R2-D2 and C-3PO:

“I regularly say to R2 ‘Tell that son of a [expletive] to ***!’ And we have children, but one of them looks a lot like Chewbacca, and we use Yoda, who’s regenerated on a planet somewhere, for marital therapy. I urge Chewie to get waxed for sure!,” Fisher said.

Fisher continued on her roll stating:

“There’s also a lot of shopping. Because there’s cool things to buy and giant planets that are shopping malls. Alderaan means shopping mall by the way. And then I start sleeping with robots, how about that?”

There is still no confirmation as to whether or not Carrie Fisher will return to the new saga according to The Latin Post, although there is a strong possibility she will. As to her ideas being used in the film, it is hardly likely writer Micheal Arndt will conform.

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