Star Wars Cast To Be Unveiled At D23 Expo.


Recent events has caused much speculation in the Star Wars Fan Universe about who they are going to be casting for the next Star Wars trilogy. There have been many questions posed to actors if the opportunity presented itself, would they accept a role in the movies and it was always a hasty yes. So who has JJ Abrams decided to add to the cast? What will be revealed about the new trilogy? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the wait may be ending at Disney’s D23 Expo.

Insiders say some Star Wars actors may be making appearances during the D23 Expo, confirming their participation in the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel trilogy.

So many people have expected the unveiling of something at Comic Con and sadly, we won’t be getting the news we were looking for. But good news is, we just have to wait a few more weeks when Star Wars: Episode 7 will be the headliner at D23 on Aug 9th-11th. It’s a bi-annual event that Disney hosts but no details on how they’re hosting the Star Wars film or who will make an appearance. Other events that will take place down at the Anaheim Convention Center are Darth Vader: The Evolution of a Villain, Crash Course in the Fource, and Star Wars Saga 101.

UPDATE: In addition to finding out who the new cast will be for the next movie, we will also get to know the title of the new movie. So it better be a better name than “Attack of the Clones.” So stay tuned! August is right around the corner.

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