Update: Star Wars Rebels Animated Series


At Star Wars Celebration Europe there was a bit of discussion about the new animated series that is to scheduled to premier in Fall 2014. So what was revealed? The Star Wars Rebel logo above was released along with some other art for the show. The colors that were used in the logo are similar to the ones that are used in the rebel’s pilot uniform. At the Celebration Executive Producer Dave Filoni discussed the influence of the original Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie and how it plays into the new design.

Dave Filoni wanted to use Ralph’s art as a base for the story and to bring to life the feel of the original trilogy.

“I looked at his paintings, and there are tons of paintings that he did that have never made it to the screen. He had a such a mind of the future.”

He went on to say that they had opened up the archives and looked at all his originals, to get the feel of textures and styles that he used.

“We wanted to create a look for this part of Star Wars that precedes A New Hope by just a little bit.” He adds “We have created a set of digital brushes that replicate McQuarrie’s style…We’re going for something that’s much more an illustrative look.”


While there, Dave Filoni showed off some of the concept art that they had come up with from Star Wars Rebels. They got to see the first look at the ship Ghost, which the main characters will be using. They will also being using Stormtrooper concept art from McQuarial as well as Imperial ships.


The show will take place between Episodes III and IV. It’s a time period that’s never been shown on screen and it’s about the Imperials securing their grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last remnants of the Jedi Order. The show is set to be released in Fall 2014.

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