Star Wars Episode VII Begins Filming In August!


Jedi News has confirmed through one of their sources that Star Wars Episode VII is starting production early. How early? Let’s say sometime in August which is three and a half months sooner than their original plan to film. Over at Pinewood Studios, they have already signed on for ten years of production and filming. As with tradition from the filming of the original trilogy, JJ Abrams has began the pre-production under the production alias, “Foodles.”

So Star Wars is moving forward fast, one could say “light speed” but is this good news? Are they rushing into production? Kathleen Kennedy has promised that they are going to return to the traditional effects and focus more on the story and characters. Disney has picked the right team to move forward with the next set of films. Since pre-production begins next month, we can only expect to hear the new title and list of cast soon at Disney’s D23 Expo.

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