George Lucas’s Original Ideas of Star Wars Coming To Dark Horse Comics

So many of us long time Star Wars fans know that George Lucas had a slightly different view of the Original trilogy long before the galaxy that we now know and love came into existence. But now we get the chance to see George Lucas’s rough draft come to life by Dark Horse comics, which is scheduled to release on September 4th. So what’s different about it? Well, it follows the young farm boy jedi Anniken Starkiller and an old grey haired General Luke Skywalker along with a lizard faced Han Solo going against an ancient Sith order. Also, it was the Wookies that led the attack against the “Imperial Battle Station.” and the project was originally titled “The Star Wars.”


“You can teach a college course on how he got from that story to his first Star Wars film” in 1977, says The Star Wars writer J.W. Rinzler, an executive editor at LucasBooks.

“Francis Ford Coppola read the rough draft and thought it was pretty good. He wasn’t really sure why George was changing it.”

Comparing this to the Star Wars we’re used to, it’s completely different and gives a refreshing style to creator George Lucas’s idea of what could have happened if he stuck with the original script.

“He wouldn’t really revise scripts as much as rewrite them,” Rinzler says.

If it were made today, says series artist Mike Mayhew, The Star Wars “would hold its own against The Avengers and Avatar.”


So it’s in a galaxy where everyone wields a “lazer sword” and it comes as no surprise, it’s the Jedi and Sith that are the more skilled users of the ancient weapons. The Emperor and Darth Vader are still around, but they’re not Sith Lords. Palpatine is a politician and Vader is a lead officer of the Imperial Army.


“I’m sure he (Lucas) knew quite well in 1974 that there was no way you could film this script,” Rinzler adds. “Any studio head reading that would have just had a heart attack. He would have thrown it in the garbage by the time he got to page 20.”

It still holds many of the same things as the original trilogy, Princess Leia is still looking to be saved by the small band of heroes and of course, the two droids we know and love are still roaming around. In some ways this version is more exciting to hardcore Star Wars fans as it has more happening in the first 15 minutes of the script than the entire Star Wars movie. So we can see this story released in comic form on September 4th and fans of the Star Wars universe will enjoy this new(old) adaptation of Star Wars.


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