Star Wars: Tie Fighter Making A Comeback?


Many of us longtime gamers remember this classic series played on the old computer systems. Many of us have been looking forward to the game to return. While many fans are anxiously awaiting for the next Battlefront game to come out in 2015 there has been a tease about the X-Wing/Tie Fighters making a return. Over at Electronic Arts there are three games that are in the works, not due to come out anytime soon but one of them is a space action shooter.

They won’t be released anytime soon, and they are in an embryonic stage at this time, but there are a total of three games in development at the gaming studio. The plans are evolving and nothing is set in stone of course, but there are other games already on the fast track. one of them is a space action shooter, and you can guess what that would be about, and the other is currently being developed as a online role playing game. Neither game is a continuation of any former series, at least as of right now.

While there are no definite titles to these games, Kathleen Kennedy herself has been giving input on these games and they are to give the fans more fun with the force. It is also rumored that the screenwriters are helping with one of the games as well, which won’t be released til sometime in 2016. So it looks like more games are in the works than just the Battlefront games. Many fans are hoping that the projects of 1313 and Assault will also see the light of day and we can only wait to see what Electronic Arts brings forth.

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