Rumor: Speeder Bike Ride At Disneyland



So rumors have been spreading about Disney taking on a new look at their theme parks, more specifically, a Star Wars land is expected to emerge with renovations being underway. Many are expecting some major news about what Disney plans to do with their new rights as owners of Star Wars. D23 starts tomorrow and many are sending out rumors about a new ride based around the famous speeder bike from Return of the Jedi. With that, a couple of other rumors are being spread around the internet.

1. Disney is removing Captain EO and replacing it with a 3D Star Wars movie.
2. They are installing a speeder bike ride on the People Mover tracks at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland.
3. A Mos Eisley Cantina is being built as a bar at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Although these things sound pretty cool, it’s highly unlikely that they will happen since they are only rumors, which was started on the Mice Chat forums. Many of the rumors that have been on that forum have been debunked, as some of the claims were absurd. One of them being that they would be tearing out the Find Nemo Submarine ride which has only been active for a couple of years and cost millions to make. 

So it’s a big weekend for Star Wars fans as D23 kicks off. What we expect to be confirmed this weekend are:

1. Star Episode VII Title

2. Confirmation of the Original Cast returning. (As if there is really any doubt.)

3. The new cast to set off the new trilogy.

4. Debunking/Confirmation of any Disneyland rumors about Star Wars.

5. Tons of new stuff. 

So keep checking back for your Star Wars news! 

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