Lucasfilm Working on New Animation Film


Founded in 2003 Lucasfilm Animation formed and had many projects that were cast aside. One of the projects that came from the division of Lucasfilm was Star Wars: The Clone Wars which also led into the Cartoon Network series. Since Disney’s acquiring of the company, other projects that have been neglected are starting to surface, one of them being a film about fairies.

Since production began to be set in motion for the new Star Wars sequels and spinoffs, they’re trying to make Lucasfilm a name other than Star Wars.

Once the production of Pixar’s “Newt” was shut down a couple years ago, its director found himself ready to make a film that was no longer there because of similarities to a competing film.  Luckily for him, when Kathleen Kennedy took the top job at Lucasfilm, she went through the inventory of projects in development at Skywalker Ranch and saw potential in the musical about fairies that had been languishing in development for the past few years.  She realized it needed a new direction and a director to take it there.  Right place, right time.  Gary Rydstrom found himself being asked to helm the film, and before you know it, Brenda Chapman was brought in to help focus on the story structure (she’s known for strong characters, particularly female characters).

So although Lucasfilm is beginning to work on other projects, not much else has been revealed about this new musical. Hopefully we can begin to see other projects that were put on hold or even thought to be dumped. *Cough* Star Wars: Detours *Cough*

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