Lens Flares Galore for Star Wars: Episode VII??


FuriousFanBoys.com just posted an interesting update on the way Star Wars: Episode VII will be filmed. Unlike the Prequels, it will not be filmed digitally but on 35mm cameras. In addition, Abrams will be using the same cinematographer he used for Mission Impossible 3, Star Trek, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. This now raises the concern that episode VII will involve an increased amount of lens flares as these films were chock full of them! Here is what Dan Mindel said of working with Abrams at a recent event in L.A. :

At today’s event in the ASC Club House, the cinematographer discussed his first work with J.J. Abrams on “Mission: Impossibie.” During a viewing of the dailies (a standard review of what was shot the day before, whether or not on 35mm film) a mistake lens flare caught the eye of the director. Dan showed him how they are created, which led to lens flares galore in “Super 8″ and the recent “Star Trek” films.

So does this mean more lens flares for Star Wars: episode VII? Well, it’s not definite in any way but definitely a good chance…what do you all think about this?

One thought on “Lens Flares Galore for Star Wars: Episode VII??

  1. Digitial filming without the obvious CGI, with good dialogue, and its fine with me. CGI makes space battles more interesting, and is probably cheaper to do than the way they did them in Episodes IV-VI.

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