George Lucas Talks About His New Cultural Arts Museum

Many would assume since George Lucas had sold Lucasfilm that he would go off and enjoy the rest of his life relaxing with his beautiful wife, leaving the industry. Well, that was not exactly his entire plans, he wanted to get to work on some other projects that he’s been thinking about, one of them in particular would be his Cultural Arts Museum.

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum is one of three finalists competing for a coveted spot in the San Francisco Presidio, right by the waterfront, with a commanding view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The three have been whittled down from an initial 16 proposals.

Right now, it’s being considered as he has proposed it to the Presidio Trust. The area that he is interested in overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge. His purpose for this museum to show off the storytelling that is done through art. Learn more about it in the video below.

Source: Mashable

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