UPDATE: Star Wars: Episode VII Production Heading to New Mexico?


UPDATE: So this rumor has been squashed. An official in New Mexico was petitioning for Star Wars to film in their state. So Latino Review took this bit of news and ran with it.  Lucasfilm is denying that they were planning to film there and have stated that they are continuing to produce the film in London.

In a recent report by Latino Review, it has been mentioned that  J.J. Abrams crew will be heading to New Mexico for some of the production of Star Wars: Episode VII. The city they’re looking to film in is The City of Crosses, Las Cruces. It was mentioned JJ Abrams wanted to film outside of London, which would remain true to the whole series as they traveled all over to get the scenes from the many planets. They also claim that Disney has confirmed this report. The majority of the film will be shot in Pinewood studios where Abrams has converted his company Bad Robot Studios for Post Production.

Although New Mexico’s Location seems to be ideal for a Star Wars Planet, it seems Disney is more interested in using their A-1 Studio (Where the Helicarrier in Avengers was built).

So what planets are they going to feature in the new movie? One of the recent rumors that has been going around is that we’ll likely see Tatooine featured in this next film. It is said that Disney is looking to purchase the Tunisia land, which could also be used for other projects but the only thing that would be of interest would be the sets. Could expand into the TV Show and the movies. So would fans really want to see Tatooine all over again? Here at THS we’ve been discussing that very same detail. We’re excited to see other planets and kinda leave world of Tatooine, but like Coruscant, it’s a focal point for the galaxy. It is the home of both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker so we might actually see Old Skywalker visit his past, or even Old Ben’s hut.

Here are some more pics from the Las Cruces area. What do you think? Which planet do you think the area most looks like?

HDR-NM-Desert-Sunset-2 NewMexico-WhiteSands view-leaving-the-driveway

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