Star Wars Thumb Wrestling


Thumb wrestling has been getting out of hand recently with this new take on lightsaber battling. There is always something new to bring Star Wars fans together and I think this one is pretty clever. It’s called Star Wars Thumb Wrestling. Now, the question is, how can you make Star Wars into thumb wrestling? Well, one of the cool things that this book allows for fans is different areas from the films to fight in. The book comes with 2 holes for where you place your thumbs and join in an epic battle. The other thing that’s cool is it’s lightsaber battling! The book also come with 2 lightsabers that you attach to your thumbs.

This classic game which people used to use as a way to pass time is making it’s comeback, so toss away those smart phones and enjoy a twist on a game that has been played before technology was our form of entertainment! Check out Amazon!


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