Star Wars Rebels Teaser Trailer

Alright, so tonight if you caught it, was a teaser trailer for Star Wars Rebels. If you missed it, well, here it is. It is pretty much what we expected, no actual finished footage of the show or any of the characters shown, but it’s still pretty cool.

So what are your thoughts? I know it isn’t much but it’s still enough to get us excited for next fall. The Empire shall rise and so shall the rebels. It’s cool to see that there will be some type of Jedi involved, at least, that’s what the teaser hints at for the show. So it will probably go into the idea that some Jedi, managed to survive the Attack of the Clones and are helping to revive the Jedi order. It will probably erase the idea of The Force Unleashed of Starkiller helping the young Princess Leia and well as other main rebel leaders. Star Wars Rebels is due to hit Disney XD in Fall 2014!

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