Release Date Rumors For Star Wars Episode VII


A lot of speculation has been going about on the release dates of the sequels. There has been no official confirmation of when Star Wars Episode VII will be released although many are saying Christmas 2015 which has proven to be false rumors made up by sites to draw traffic. Now the newest rumor that is running on sites is that Star Wars Episode VII is going to be released on November 11 2015.

So without any real word from Disney as to a release date, any release date should not be taken seriously without a source tied back to Disney, Bad Robot, or Lucasfilm. Right now, as it stands is that Disney is scheduling a 2015 release with no declaration of an official date attached to it. Now if you want to speculate on a more reasonable note, let’s say May. Why? Well, all of the films have been released in May and it’s declared Star Wars month and I am pretty sure Disney knows the Star Wars culture. Plus there are many big films being released around November and Christmas of that year. I doubt Disney really wants to compete at the box office. Again, that’s just my thoughts and who knows when they’ll actually release it? We probably won’t get a date until sometime next year, which is as general as the movie being released in 2015.

So until we hear from Disney, assume all release dates are false as well as casting and title announcements. I know we are all desperate to hear what the fate of the sequels will bring us, but we have to trust that Disney knows what they’re doing.

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