Rumor: Working Titles For Star Wars: Episode VII Revealed?


We recently wrote about an interview with Jett Lucas on how a year prior to Disney’s Lucasfilm purchase, George Lucas was working on a new Star Wars trilogy. It makes sense that GL would have come up with a few working titles while he was in the process. While not confirmed, our good rumor leaders Latino Review say they have some news for us.

Latino-Review claims they know two of the titles which are to be used for the films are: Rise of the Jedi and Return of the Sith. Now before anybody gets worked up or excited about these titles, remember they are only rumored working titles and may not be used at all. Many times in the film industry a certain film undergoing pre-production¬† will be slapped on with a “working title” in order to throw fans off. We have been told, according to Darth Armik, that we should be possibly receiving a true title sometime in the near future so lets cross our fingers and hope that we do so we can put all these rumors behind us!

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