Time to Visit Mos Espa Set Is Running Out!


The home of the young Darth Vader is in danger of disappearing. The Tunisia Desert was a great place to film the rough desert planet known as Tatooine. Both Mos Eisley and Mos Espa were filmed in this location. Because of the popularity of the films, it has become a great tourist spot. Due to it being in the sand dunes, sand storms are slowly burying the set.

“Ever since they finished the part of the movie shot in 2003, sand dunes have surrounded the film set from every side. They should not have allowed this to happen,” says Tahar.

A team of scientists has tracked the movement of a large sand dune, which has already started to cover the set. it is moving at a rate of 4 cm per day and It won’t be long before this alien town is buried beneath the sand.

The set has drawn at least 100,000 visitors a year, including the older sets used in the original trilogy which have already been covered by sand dunes. Radebaugh said the only way to really save the set is to move it 650 feet to the south. Bulldozing the sand off the set really isn’t an option due to larger sand dunes following. Some of the building have already been slightly buried. Even though the set is almost buried, there is time to still go check it out before it’s too late.



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Source: CNN

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