Lucasfilm Denies There Will Be A Big Announcement


The internet has been flooding with the possibility that there may be news coming up on the anniversary day of when Disney bought Star Wars. We’ve been hoping that something about Episode VII, a title, plot summary, original cast returning, or even an idea of who’s going to be part of the new cast would be revealed soon. With the build up of trailers on the official YouTube channel, they’ve been suspicious by uploading the original trailers every Wednesday leading to the anniversary date.

Slashfilm tweeted Lucasfilm asking them about fans suspicions and this is the answer that was given.

The Lucasfilm employee who was uploading the videos says that October 30th was just a coincidence.

So Lucasfilm denies that there is going to be something revealed on October 30th. Either way, it’s cool to see the the original trailers that started it all and we can only hope that Disney will be answering fan’s pleas for news about the sequels.

On other news, Disney is planning some TV specials featuring Darth Vader and news about the Star Wars Rebels animated show is taking the priority as it is due next Fall. We’ll most likely be seeing some promo stuff, much like the Stormtrooper propaganda poster that was revealed just before NYCC. We might be seeing more promos and ads surfacing the closer we get to the animated series. Keep checking back for more info and be sure to find us on our social media to get latest updates and art from Star Wars fans!



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Source: Furious Fanboys

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