Those Worried About Star Wars


Earlier we posted about the Disney sticking to their release of Episode VII and it has caused many to worry. Don’t get me wrong, I have my reserves about it too but according to a really good article by The Huffington Post, there is no cause to worry as the films are following the same schedule as that of the original trilogy. Furious Fanboys gives the film schedule for the original trilogy.

Star Wars began filming on March 22, 1976, and was released on May 25th, 1977.

The Empire Strikes Back began filming on March 5, 1979, and was released on May 21st, 1980.

Return of the Jedi began filming on January 11, 1982, and was released on May 20th, 1983.

Filming should begin in March 2014 and and release in time for the Summer 2015 release.

Now, as for the demand that Episode VII hit a 2015 release date, this happened with Empire as well. As mentioned, Lucas had financed Empire on his own and he was running out of money. (Actually, as we learned in J.W. Rinzler’s excellent The Making of The Empire Strikes Back, Lucas had run out of money and was financing Empire with bank loans.) So, Empire HAD to hit that May 1980 release date or Lucasfilm was in jeopardy of going bankrupt. If anything, that situation was more dire than the one we’re seeing now.

Do you know what movies had very little behind the scenes drama? At least that we know about? The Star Wars Prequels.

If you want to talk about having time to get things perfect, Lucas had 16 years between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace to get things just right. What we got was The Phantom Menace. In the behind the scenes footage, there’s Lucas going on and on about how funny Jar Jar Binks is while his employees laugh and laugh.

So is it enough time? Sure. Avengers 2 will be filming around the same time as Episode VII and will be released on May 1, 2015. We’ll be getting a great movie and really, can’t get any worse than the prequels. They have plenty of time to deliver a great movie to the fans.

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One thought on “Those Worried About Star Wars

  1. I just hope Disney doesn’t completely “kid” the movies out with dumb CGI characters.
    I really think true old school Star War fans admit that episode 1 or now should I say 4 now…and Empire are the best. Return of the Jedi kinda had too much of the Muppet Ewok thing going on but most of us give it a card because it was the last of what we had. Lets remember that Lucas made the first 2 movies to be Dark..I think when Lucas started to see the whole Toy Marketing kiddie money come in after the first two movies…subconsciously he may have chased the Kiddie money on Jedi… He for sure did with Jar jar and showing Evil Darth as a little Kid who over acted the part..with phantom menace. I don’t if I’m Solo in this view point..but all of the new prequel movies look cartoons to me. I really wish real locations, masks and costumes come back into fashion one day. I think it costs a little more but holds up better over time-

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