EA Working On An Open World Star Wars Game?


Star Wars 1313 was meant to be an open world system set around the slums of the ever famous Coruscant. The rumored character they were going to focus on was going to be Boba Fett, but with the game set on the back burner and Battlefront heading to the front of the list, will that be the only game we’ll be seeing from EA? With their 10 year contract, they’re bound to develop more games that will draw the fans in. Kotaku spotted a job opening for a new Star Wars project.

An animation director job posting from last month reveals that EA Canada has a Star Wars team developing “a major new next gen open world action game.” That does not appear to be a typo: while tweeting a link to a combat designer posting for a mysterious open-world title in September, the studio’s then-recruiter said the unnamed game was indeed a Star Wars project.

With GTA 5 making a huge success on the consoles, it’s no surprise that EA would want to jump on the band wagon and create an open world game. Who wouldn’t want to explore more of the Star Wars universe, or other Star Wars planets that hardly got any screen time in the films?


It’s very doubtful that this type of game would make it in the Star Wars market, but it would definitely be a plus to see an open world game similar to Knights of the Old Republic.

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