Star Wars Attack Squadron Beta


If you have ever played the Rogue Squadron series then this might be the game for you. Lucasarts recently announced a new game that is now in Beta testing called Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, which is an online dogfight based game which you can sign up for here. This game will be an online 16 PVP system in which will be free to play. Here is what to expect from this game:

Battle online in 3 PVP game modes

Free For All: Fight for glory in 16 player death matches

Team Dogfight: Join a team and decimate the enemy team

Base Defense: Defend your base or coordinate an attack on your enemy’s base.

Ship Customization, Team Play, Rewards, Regular updates.

There has been no official release date for this game yet but feel free to sign up for the beta and enjoy the official trailer for the game.

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