RUMOR: Yoda to Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?


In Return of the Jedi we saw the little green Jedi Master Yoda fade and become one with the force to join Obi Wan as a force ghost. Many want to meet their nostalgic quota with a returning cast to the So the latest rumor that is hitting the holonet is the return of the Jedi Master Yoda, but in the form of a force ghost. According to Cosmic Book News, a source had given them a leak;

‘Our DC Entertainment Source has sent in a couple of tidbits of information with mention that Star Wars: Episode VII will feature Force Ghost Yoda.’ 

‘We’re told that Yoda will have words with Luke Skywalker about a rising unbalance in the force and the need to preserve the Jedi.’

Also, he may not be the only one returning to give his jedi knowledge to the rising Jedi. We may see some characters like Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, and some of the other great jedi passing on their knowledge, possibly in the form of jedi holocrons. Too much nostalgia to bring on the new generation of Star Wars? Tell us your thoughts!

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