Entertainment Weekly Interviews Simon Kinberg About Rebels


Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Star Wars Rebels Executive Producer, Simon Kinberg. For those that are excited for the new animated series it doesn’t sound like we’ll be too disappointed as they are going to be taking a new turn for the show. Disney is going to be taking Star Wars: Rebels to a dark path. They’re going to show the side of the Empire that we never really got to see.

But the world we’re creating is an Imperial world. You’re seeing the impact of the Empire, of stormtroopers around the galaxy, abusing and oppressing people. Thematically and politically, it goes to some dark places.

Not only are they taking the series to darker places, they’re also drawing from the style of the original trilogy and possibly see more creations from the EU. It’ll be exciting to see and explore more of the galaxy that Lucas has created. We’ve seen a lot of images of the Inquisitor, and we still don’t know much about him other than he is going to be the one hunting down the Jedi, but in the interview we get a little bit more info about the character.

We talked about a character who was cold and calculating and could tap into people’s emotional weaknesses as much as their physical weaknesses, and had a specific relationship to Jedi and the ways of the force. He would be somebody that the remaining Jedi would be especially scared of.

So we see that there will be more remaining Jedi, which will be cool to see. As for the heroes, we don’t get any detail on them. With Rebels to hit Disney XD in Fall 2014, more details will revealed. You can check the full article over at Entertainment Weekly.

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