Star Wars: Rebels Already Calling For A Second Season Before Premiere!


There has a been a lot of skepticism across the internet about Disney handling the future of Star Wars, and especially about the new Star Wars: Rebels show which is to air on October 13th. Having already seen the show, I can say that if you are skeptical about the new animated series, I say there is nothing to worry about as it brings in the adventure of the original trilogy. The force is strong with this new series. So to add to the excitement, Disney has already called for a second season!

“We all love making ‘Rebels,’ so we couldn’t be happier that it’s moving into a second season,” says Lucasfilm VP of Creative Development, Kiri Hart.  “Our fantastic creative team is dreaming up new stories for the crew of the Ghost that will expand their experience of the galaxy and deepen their heroes’ journeys. The fan response to the show has been amazing, humbling and inspiring. We’re looking forward to the adventure ahead.”

…scads of action, beautiful animation and fidelity to the original’s spirit.” – Variety

“…a rich color palette…reminiscent of the work of Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animé master.” – The New York Times

“Rebels’ does a great job of capturing a true ‘adventure’ feel.” – IGN

I’ve seen the premiere of the show and can attest completely to the vibe hearkening back to the original film. It somehow takes the coolest elements you’d expect from the dark time, with Jedi on the run and a truly evil Imperial presence, and matches it with the comedic tone of adventure of the original Star Wars film.”– Huffington Post

So, if you are worried about the new series, or plan on skipping passed it and holding to the movies and The Clone Wars as your only source of Star Wars, then I encourage you to at least give the pilot a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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