Vanity Fair’s Reveal Photos of The Force Awakens

For Star Wars Day we get a reveal of some characters from the new film. I was hesitant to see the spoilers within, but all of these have been speculated and it’s cool to see that our thoughts on certain actors were right. So here are all of the photos that have been revealed from‘s Star Wars June Issue.

06 STAR WARS cover txt.jpg

So there will be spoiler photos so if you are still waiting to for everything to be revealed when you watch the movie then do not scroll down. Hope you guys enjoy them because they are freaking awesome!

Daisy Ridley getting ready to shoot on the new speeder.



Lupita Nyong’o doing mocap for for Maz Kanata

Untitled4 5543ca99801ffcbc36b341a7_vanity-fair-star-wars-04

Han and Chewie with the new cast.


5543ca9d801ffcbc36b341d3_vanity-fair-star-wars-06 5543ca95db753b82389cbd94_vanity-fair-star-wars-02

Poe Damoran posing next to his X-Wing


Captain Phasma posing after what looks like to be an attack.


The face of Kylo Ren

5543ca95801ffcbc36b3417b_vanity-fair-star-wars-01 Untitled

Keep checking back as we get more updates!

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