Boba Fett “Disintegrates” Second Star Wars Anthology Director

Darth Vader said it best in his warning to Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back: “No disintegrations.” Sounds like Boba Fett didn’t heed Vader’s warning. Prior to the announcement that the bounty hunter is starring in the second Star Wars Anthology film, the universe learned that Josh Trank will no longer be directing the film.

No Disintegrations
No Disintegrations

Trank is Lucasfilm’s first casualty in its ambitious plan to release a new Star Wars film each year. In statements Trank said he’s leaving by choice, but other sources indicate Disney and Lucasfilm had second thoughts regarding his ability to direct a big budget movie.

Claims surfaced over the last couple of months regarding Trank’s current big-budget film, the Fantastic Four reboot. It has required costly re-shoots and additional editing to help make the film cohesive. While this in and of itself isn’t necessarily unusual, the Fox studios did dispatch producers Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker to help Trank complete the film. Fox claims they’re pleased with the final product, but admits there were some bumps on the road. Most notably, sources claim Trank was hard to reach and indecisive during the film’s production. On top of all that, he was scheduled to join Gareth Edwards at Star Wars Celebration but was a no-show due to illness.

Any of those issues on their own likely wouldn’t cause Lucasfilm to reconsider Trank as a Star Wars director. However, taken together, it’s understandable they would make the studio nervous having Trank direct such a challenging film. And the Anthology films will be challenging in numerous ways: they’re part of a rapid release schedule that promises a new Star Wars movie each year, they’ll likely require input and close working relationships with Lucasfilm executives, and the public appearances will be exhausting. Lucasfilm has every right to question Trank’s abilities to stay on target and craft a film worthy of joining the Star Wars universe. There are plenty of talented directors who are dying for an opportunity to explore the Star Wars universe. Perhaps this is for the best, and will allow another great director to step in and put his/her mark on the film…if Boba Fett will let them.


Do you think Disney and Lucasfilm made the right choice? Should Trank get an opportunity to prove himself?  Are you simply  too excited knowing the movie will feature Boba Fett and could care less about who directs it? Sound off in the Comments section below!

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