Star Wars: Uprising Trailer

After the fall of the Death Star II there are rumors that the Empire has fallen. This news has spread threw the galaxy yet there are still those in the Empire that do not wish this knowledge to be known. It is considered treason to speak of the Emperor’s death. So we get our first glimpse at what the state of the galaxy looks like after Return of the Jedi. Since anything that is released is to be considered canon unless stated otherwise, we can see where the direction is going. This new game will be released for mobile coming this Fall.

At the end of the trailer you can see the man speaking as well as the Commander Bragh, the Purge Trooper. Below are two of the other characters you will see in the release. First is Riley, followed by the legendary assassin Deathstick.


For more information on their characters you can check it out at Star Wars: Uprising

The game will take place in the Anoat system, home to the planet Hoth and Bespin. You will be able to customize a character and command in battles. So since we have hints of what the way the galaxy will look after the fall, we will have to wait til Fall to see this story unfold. Who knows, maybe we’ll see them in the comics or even the new movies.

The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18, 2015

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