One Step Closer to A Star Wars Virtual Reality


How many of you have wanted to step inside the world of Star Wars and become part of it. Walk around, see the environments and interact with your surroundings? Well, we’re almost there! According to The Hollywood Reporter, ILM and Lucasfilm are working together to bring us this experience that could encompass stories from the Star Wars universe that will not be strictly related to the films.

“Anything and everything is what you can expect,” said Lucasfilm executive vp and ILM president Lynwen Brennan, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. “The wonderful thing about the Star Wars universe is that there are so many stories that have yet to been explored. We are not restricting that universe [to the stories in the existing films]. All will be telling stories — that’s one of our core principles — with a point of view and emotion.”

So what stories can we expect to see? One of the points in the video mentioned that they are not sure exactly how the story telling will be effected in this virtual space, but it is one they are working hard on to make. When it will be available to the public is yet to be released, but knowing that something like this exists is something to be excited for! For a better look check the video below!

The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18, 2015

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