No The Force Awakens Trailer at SDCC! & What This Means Going Forward!



Recently, there has been word around the web that according to Entertainment Weekly, we will not be seeing any new footage from The Force Awakens in the form of a trailer at the San Diego Comic Con this upcoming weekend. While there may not be any trailers being shown, we may still have a chance to catch a glimpse of never before seen material. It has been confirmed by that there will be new SDCC Exclusive products from The Force Awakens. This means that we may be getting some more details on where exactly the story is headed at this point in the universe. Since the announcement of The Force Awakens there has been much speculation as to how our hero’s journey will be revisited, some have predicted the route of the original EU and some predict a much darker story. Either way we may still get a glimpse at some the events that take place. With the recent information presented on the side of the box from the new Black Series 6-inch First Order Stormtrooper we should expect similar information being presented through products and exclusives. With SDCC right around the corner, we anticipate many good things to come. Until then we wait!

Keep checking back for more Episode VII updates and news!

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