Resistance Bay Set Photos! SPOILER ALERT!

It seems the guys over at Making Star Wars hit the jackpot again! Some set photos of the Resistance Bay from The Force Awakens have been leaked! It seems we’re getting an undercover view of the set which may have been a trespass on private property, at this point we are unsure but take a look for yourself!


Greenham2 Greenham3 Greenham4 Greenham-5 Greenham6 Greenham7 Greenham8 Greenham9 Greenham10

SPOILERS: It is said that this set depicts a green planet very reminiscent of Yavin IV. However seeing as we were deceived into thinking that the new planet Jakku was Tatooine it is only right to assume that the scenes on this set will take place on an entirely new planet.

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