Han can't think of any actors to portray his younger self.

Just Don’t Do It: Why a Han Solo Origin Film is a Mistake

Weeks after its announcement, fans are well aware the second Star Wars Anthology film will tell the origin story of the galaxy’s scruffiest-looking nerf herder. The solo Han Solo movie will examine the titular character’s adventures before he reluctantly joins the Rebel Alliance. And after hearing the announcement, and waiting years for new Star Wars films, I admit I couldn’t be more disappointed with Lucasfilm’s decision.

I truly believe Han’s story is interesting, but the biggest hurdle will be recasting the iconic smuggler. Harrison Ford is Han Solo. In another universe, it’s comparable to Marvel recasting Iron Man – which is impossible, since Robert Downey, Jr. is Tony Stark. Once Downey, Jr. leaves the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) the studio’s best option will be to put a brand new character into the suits, not reboot Stark’s character. The same thing goes for Han Solo. Harrison Ford is the man who made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and you most certainly never tell him the odds. He cannot be replaced, and recasting him would be a mistake.

Han can't think of any actors to portray his younger self.
Han can’t think of any actors to portray his younger self.

This announcement signals to me that Lucasfilm’s brain trust is already out of unique, exciting Anthology film ideas. This is inexcusable, considering the limitless Expanded Universe content Lucasfilm can comb for inspiration. If they company is so desperate to tell an origin story in the next Anthology film, I can rattle off 5 right now that fit the unique and exciting descriptions perfectly:

Grand Admiral Thrawn. Chart the rise of the Empire’s only non-human military commander, showing the obstacles he overcame while proving his tactical worth to the Emperor.

Boba Fett. Wasn’t this who the second Anthology film was supposed to be about?!?

Kir Kanos. Decorated warrior and member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, this red-armored soldier’s tale of betrayal and retribution from the Crimson Empire comic would be perfect on the silver screen.

Jabba the Hutt. Threw him in this list because Guillermo del Toro stated he’d love to make a Godfather-like gangster movie featuring the galaxy’s largest crime lord.

Dash Rendar. If Lucasfilm is so anxious to film a smuggler’s origin story, they can at least choose one other than Harrison Ford…er, Han Solo.
The last suggestion touches again on the single biggest challenge for the movie: recasting Han Solo. Lucasfilm is better off using this second Anthology film to explore other facets of the Star Wars universe, and their free to use any and all of my ideas. Just leave Han Solo’s story where it belongs – in Harrison Ford’s capable hands.

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