Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Star Wars?

Today, Covergirl revealed that they will be releasing a line up of products promoting The Force Awakens! These products range from lipsticks, to mascara, and even nail polish. Allure Magazine has an exclusive look at these new products:

covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipsticks covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipstick-dark-purple covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipstick-gold covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipstick-red covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipstick-lilac covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipstick-nude covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipstick-silver covergirl-star-wars-nail-polish-nemesis covergirl-star-wars-nail-polish-speed-of-light covergirl-star-wars-nail-polish-red-revenge covergirl-star-wars-dark-side-mascara-very-black covergirl-star-wars-light-side-mascara-very-black covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-mascara-iconic-quotes-V

As bizarre as it is, maybe we’ll see some serious makeup art done with these products in the future.

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