New Poster Revealed of The Force Awakens!

D23 is full of news and fans are not disappointed. No new trailer but we have been able to get a glimpse of what the new cast of Rogue One is going to look like, and they look freaking amazing. But as you see above, we finally got a new poster for The Force Awakens!

So what does this poster tell us? It reveals what we already knew about Finn, which is pretty awesome. He’s force sensitive and not only that, he is holding an all too familiar relic that a couple Jedis used in the previous movies.

You named it, the one that was thought to be lost at the bottom of Bespin. So how does he get it? Earlier rumors suggests that Lupita’s character is a scavenger who happened to come across it. As mysterious as the Force is, led it all the way to Finn, who could be trained by Grand Master Jedi Luke Skywalker.

So if this is all true, then will we end up seeing Finn make his own lightsaber as all padawans do in order to make themselves one with the force? Also, the poster shows Rey, who is not holding the lightsaber as many suggested the relic belonged to her. So is Rey a Jedi? Or is Disney still holding back a few surprises for us? I mean, we love spoilers but there has to be some surprises left for us as we sit in the theatre for the first time with tears of joy as the crawl begins with the epic theme of Star Wars playing.

More news to come as D23 rolls out with the long awaited news. Be sure to check the rest of the site for other articles and tell your friends!


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