Update: More Force Friday Products Leaked!

The last few days have presented us with tons of new information regarding Force Friday products. It seems that many distributors are letting loose on these products. Some suspect that these products are getting out as part of marketing initiative to gain hype for Force Friday.

Anyways, first up, here are some new vehicle sets. As expected many of the classic vehicles have seen some revisions.

Sbk sct 15 1 2 snowtrooper snowtrooper-2

Next up, the Black Series. The first wave of these figures recently appeared on Facebook. As predicted, the First Order Stormtrooper has been repackaged.


Lastly, a few masks for kids have gotten out there…

IMG_2460-e1439653540887 IMG_2461-e1439653508206

Make sure to keep checking back as we get more updates!

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