Max Von Sydow’s Character Revealed In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

With all the excitement about main cast of Star Wars, we all forgot about some of the other actors that appeared in the 2014 cast photo. Max Von Sydow is the only one who has not had his character revealed. Making Star Wars may have a possible confirmation as to who he is going to play. Rumor has it he is going to be playing a character named Lor San Tekka. If the confirmation is true, they also added that the veteran Swedish actor will portray a village elder on the desert planet of Jakku who will play a vital role in the quest to find the missing Luke Skywalker. As an elder of a village on Jakku,  Lor San Tekka is sought out by the heroic pilot Poe Dameron to find the missing Jedi’s whereabouts.

We are excited to see his role take place alongside the heroes of the rebooted Space Opera. Another interesting thought to the description of his character may confirm some old rumors about Luke being in hiding and that Max Von Sydow may have some connection to why. Also, at Star Wars Celebration, Oscar Isaacs mentioned on stage, with a warning glare from JJ Abrams, that he was on a special mission given by Leia herself.

The new film is to be released on December 18th!

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