The Force Awakens Trailer To Debut October 19th


The anticipation, have you felt it? There has been an awakening. Of fans, the young, and the old. It seems like the whole world is anxiously awaiting the release of The Force Awakens, or that could just be us here at The Hoth Spot, but I don’t think that we are too far off. For those that are excited for the new movie to release, good news is inbound that the pre-order of tickets will go on sale on October 19th. Which means you’ll have to get your tickets as soon as they go on sale because we all know that the midnight release will be sold out.

That’s not all that you will be doing on that day. If you are like us, you most likely will be spending a bit of time watching and re-watching the new trailer that is supposed to release, which according to, may be the last trailer that we will see of The Force Awakens til the movie’s official release. While there is no confirmation on the trailer actually being released, rumors did say that we would be seeing the trailer in the Fall. The only other big day that we could possibly see the trailer would be on the release of Battlefront. We are only a couple of months away from the premiere, so a trailer is bound to be released soon!

The new film is to be released on December 17th!

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