The Force Awakens To Have Flashbacks!


Luke has been missing from a lot of the promotional images and the full length trailer, which has caused a lot of questions and theories, Where is Luke and could he be the Sith lord we’re looking for? Fortunately, Luke is not going to be the villain that everyone suggests, despite what Mark Hamill may have suggested to Abrams years ago. In fact, Luke has not been entirely missing from the promos. We do see what looks like Luke placing his hand on R2, as if saying goodbye as well as Luke narrating discussing about the lineage of his family and their connection to the force. He sounds like the old Luke from the originals, not some mysterious sith lord. Along with that, Luke fully accepted his role as the last Jedi after seeing what the dark side had done to his father. He was willing to die a Jedi than to be twisted by the dark side. Many forget about the symbolism of Luke’s uniform from Return of the Jedi.


In the photo above, Luke is wearing black. During his battle against Darth Vader, he allowed his emotions to pull him close, if not briefly, to the dark side in order to protect his sister. During this battle, we see that part of his tunic falls apart to reveal white underneath, symbolizing the Jedi inside. Hence the perfect title, Return of the Jedi.

Now for some possible spoilers, so stop reading if you are trying to hide away from knowing anything about the movie til it’s theatrical release.

I hardly take any of these seriously considering that there are so many that claim they have the inside scoop of what is going on in the movies. But this one sounds a little along the lines of what I was thinking. A lot of people were wondering why Luke was not in the trailers. Could it be a reveal in itself that Luke is no where to be seen? Would it suggest that he is indeed hiding and waiting for the right moment to show up? Much like the Emperor did before he took down the entire Jedi Order? According to Star Wars Underworld. the scene we see of Luke placing his hand upon R2’s dome is a flashback scene. We’ll place some of our thoughts in parenthesis of why we think this makes sense.

  • Maz leads the heroes (Han, Finn, and Rey) down a staircase into the catacombs of her castle, while she explains who Luke was, retelling the events of the original trilogy (So we see in the trailer of Han telling Rey and Finn, that all of it was true. Maybe after their escape from Jakku, they ask questions and Han confirms everything that Maz said concerning the events previously.)
  • When they enter the chamber in the catacombs, Maz continues the story and it goes to flashbacks (the rest of what follows takes place in flashbacks)
  • Luke returns to his academy and everyone is dead, they have been slaughtered
  • we then see the outside shot of Luke saying goodbye to R2 from the trailers
  • It appears it was the Knights of Ren who did this ( A lot of people think that Kylo Ren is looking to clone Vader. Maybe that’s not the case. He may be trying to be like Vader, finish was he started by exterminating the last of the Jedi, which leaves Luke in a predicament and it would make sense that he disappears after failing to restore the Jedi, perhaps going to search for more answers on how to continue the Jedi legacy.)
  • Maz explains that Luke retreats into private life 
  • We then see Naka’s hand picks up the lightsaber (which is a reprise of what we saw at the beginning of the film), we then see him turn it on in his house and accidentally sets it on fire.  He runs away and then has to go back to get the lightsaber
  • Naka sells the Saber to a trader for next to nothing
  • The Clan is lead by a prosperous rich man
  • The Knights of Ren have raided the Clan before
  • The Clan leader goes to the trader and buys the saber to defend against the Knights of Ren (If any of you have read Aftermath, there are a few pages where a couple mysterious people in dark robes are searching for artifacts that belonged to Darth Vader. If this is the case, then this would make sense and tie in very well to them collecting. This would also suggest that they know Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker. Why else would they be searching for his original lightsaber?)
  • The Clan fights the Knights of Ren and loses
  • Rey and her parents were part of the Clan, but they escape the attack
  • Shot from the trailer is the Knights of Ren after having slaughtered the Clan
  • Kylo sees Rey during the attack
  • Kylo gets the Saber, but Maz steals it
  • The family gets away and drops Rey off on Jakku and have never gone back for her

Not only do we see a possible reason of why Luke is in hiding, we also get a little backstory to Rey. A lot of people suggested that she was a Skywalker, or a Solo.

Whether any of this is true or not, it sounds a lot better than Luke being the dark master of Kylo Ren or the idea of the Clone Wars coming back in the form of an army of CGI Anakins and Vaders. While there are rumors of Hayden Christiansen to return in one of the films, it could just be a holocron recording.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

The new film is to be released on December 18th!

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