Fox News Bashes Star Wars

In a society that is trying to diminish bullying we see a network bash not only a franchise, but the fans of the franchise as well. Why? Just because they don’t understand the hype? If you didn’t hate Fox already(as most of society already does) than you’ll most likely lose respect for the network. The first thing that is said is the guy has no interest in the movie, because it’s not done by Fox. Is that really a reason to bash the franchise? Even people who have never seen a Star Wars movie understand that it has a huge following, enough in fact, that it has become pop culture and one of the most referenced movies.

The whole segment is just annoying, they keep talking over each other and fail to really give us any good reasons as to why this film will suck other than biased opinions. But Fox, if you want us to take you seriously, get better hosts and come up with better arguments than “lightsabers look the same.” I guess they missed the whole Kylo Ren lightsaber controversy.

If you don’t like Star Wars, then that’s one thing. But to not like it and then bash people for 4 minutes on a news station is just a little ridiculous and childish. What does that say about their network?

Could this bias be based on their history with George Lucas? Fox had an opportunity to purchase Star Wars back when Lucas first came to them. They had the same opinion then, that the ideas were not that great and wouldn’t sell very well so they gave George Lucas all rights to merchandising and any other profits. They did not realize the amount of popularity that would come from the franchise, which brings no surprise to why their news hosts would bash it. Do we hear a bit of bitterness from the first guy? Well, we don’t need “normal movie-goers” like that for when we see the movie to ruin our experience. Just remember guys, how many times did they cancel Family Guy and Futurama?

If you want to watch some bigoted personalities(Neil Cavuto and Carly Shimkus) bash Star Wars fans, then watch the video below.

Fans and others alike. Let’s take a lesson from Fox’s terrible judgment. You can dislike something without being condescending.

The new film is to be released on December 18th!

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