New International Star Wars Trailer With New Footage!

With the release of the official trailer just a couple weeks ago the internet blew up with excitement from millions of fans. Think back to when you first saw that trailer, and then the second time, and third time, and all of the other times. The excitement just keeps growing. Well, if you didn’t think you could get any more excited about this film, there has been a reveal of a new international trailer which contains some new dialogue and new footage! It’s amazing. We have just one question to ask, can December 18th get here any sooner? If you’re interested in seeing the new trailer (unless you’re from Fox) then check it out below!

The new film is to be released on December 18th!

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One thought on “New International Star Wars Trailer With New Footage!

  1. OK, getting excited now. This trailer is nowhere near the editing master class of the last two but it’s definitely nice to see more footage. Still a distinct lack of Luke I see…

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