Battlefront Draws Closer! Once Again We Go In-Depth Pre-Release!

As we grow ever closer to the release of Battlefront, more and more content becomes available, and not all of it from EA.

While EA released the Battlefront companion app on November 10th, some fans have begun releasing their own gameplay videos as the EA early access has allowed subscribers to the service to play the game earlier.

The App:

The app is very useful, with a list of all the blasters and star cards in the game, as well as a section with which to monitor and equip or un-equip your unlocks in the game, along with a list of all the unlockable customization options in the game. It will surprise some to hear that you will be able to customize your Stormtrooper character to charge into battle helmetless. Personally, that’s not for me, I prefer the continuity of the army of faceless soldiers. But many players will enjoy the option to give their otherwise generic soldier some character.

Additionally, the app has the Base Command card strategy game, where the player can earn galactic credits, which can be used to buy unlocked items in Star Wars Battlefront. Only the first eight levels are currently available to play though, while the rest will be unlocked on November 17th, in order to keep players from stockpiling huge amounts of credits before the game’s release. The app can be found on The App store or on the Google Play store.

Also of note is the EA early access, which allows its subscribers the opportunity to play EA games a few days before their release. It allows a player 10 hours of the game to play, regardless of whether or not the player has actually bought the game. Fortunately for those using EA early access, any progression in the game during early access will carry over into the final game.

Pre-Release Changes:

In another community update here, EA lists several of the major changes made to the game after all the feeback they received from the beta, but mentions at the end that there have been many more changes made.

Additionally, game-play showing off different characters, maps, and gamemodes can be found made by numerous fans leading up to the games release, both at Star Wars HQ and numerous other fan sites and channels.

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