Battlefront Has Arrived!

Today, Battlefront has made it to the home front, as it’s been released and put into the hands of players around the world. I’ll be reviewing different aspects of the game later, including maps, characters, and game modes, all in detail, but for now I’ll just start with some first impressions.

I personally pre-ordered the game, and was able to pick it up from GameStop at 9:00 the night before the official release. This has given me some time to play around with it before the midnight release, and the first game mode I jumped into was Fighter Squadron. I’m admittedly a lover of videogame piloting, especially when it involves the cockpit of an X-Wing or a Tie fighter, and this game mode did not disappoint. It’s a crazy, radical dogfight, with ships dodging and strafing everywhere, and I pulled top of the team every round I played. The Millenuim Falcon is large and an immediate target, but in the hands of a quick pilot, it’s beefed up health and useful abilities can hold a nice killing spree. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to pilot the Slave I for more than two seconds before the round ended.

Additionally, in the beta there was an issue with people being targeted during the spawning animation before they even were given control of their ship. This problem has since been resolved with a rather simple, but effective solution. Players spawn far enough from the fray that they’ll rarely be targeted before they can shoot back, and the extra distance gives players time to asses the fight and pick a victim. I’ve loved the mode so far.

I also tried out Heroes Versus Villains, because, how could I not? It was great fun, even playing as a trooper can be exciting, though of course you’re waiting for your next chance to play as a Hero/Villain. The furious intensity of the combat alongside seeing the characters gunning or chopping down soldiers before colliding with their enemy counterparts is great, and it’s pulled off really well.

If you played the beta then you know what to expect, and the changes made have only been improvements. Stay tuned to The Hoth Spot for more in-depth reviews of the game later on, and check us out on our social medias!





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